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Thanga Meengal Movie Review

Time:08:00 am Date: Aug 30, 2013

Film: Thanga Meengal

Starring: Ram,Sadhana,Shelly Kishore

Director: Ram

Producer: Gautham Menon,Reshma Ghatala

Banner: Photon Kathaas

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja


Way2movies is back with Thanga Meengal Movie Review, directed and starred by Ram. Released on 30th of August 2013, Thanga Menngal is an Indian drama about primary education to girl child.


Kalyanasundaram [Ram] is an innocent man and lives every breath of his daughter Chellamma. Kalyani [Kalyanasundaram] is not so good at making money and struggles to gratify childish wishes of his daughter, studying in a private school. As story progresses, Kalyanasundaram faces financial constraints, who is already being supported by his father played by Poo Ram.

Here is a twist in the tale, which leads Kalyanasundaram part from Challamma after being humiliated by his father. What’s the twist and why did father-daughter separate? Watch Thanga Meengal for the rest…


Director Ram is apt in the role of Kalyanasundaram. Director-actor has proved his mettle as a promising character artiste for Tamil cinema. Ram’s performance in the sentimental scenes is one of the highlights of Thanga Meengal.

Sadhana is a perfect pick for the role of an innocent primary school girl supported by her purity and childishness, and flawless show by Sanjana too.

Shelly Kishore as Chellamma’s mother delivered a convincing performance and her noteworthy act as a dependent homemaker is good to watch. Poo Ram is at his best.

Technical Analysis:

Ram has proved his talent to be here in Kollywood. Director, who has stepped into Tamil films with Katrathu Tamizh, will be listed as one among the top filmmakers of the industry after Thanga Meengal.

Director Gautham Menon, who is upbeat in showcasing fatherhood, has generously produced Thanga Meengal under his Photon Kathaas banner along with RS Infotainment banner.

Yuvan Shankar Raja, who has recently released his 100th music album, has proved he is appropriate for his title ‘young maestro’. Of all songs in Thanga Meengal, 'Aanandha Yaazhai' track is masterpiece, which awfully portrays cycle journey of father-daughter on a cliff.

Even though Thanga Meengal is shot in real environments around Trichy, Arabindhu Saara’s cinematography has brought a fresh beauty to the atmosphere with worth watching long cycle drives amongst greeneries that has to be experienced at-least once in a life.


Thanga Meengal is an ideal stitch of father’s emotions towards his child. Ram has perfectly blended this along with a sensitive appeal of teachers’ discrimination below to average students in the public schools.

Ram and Sadhana have apparently carried Thanga Meengal on their shoulders with their watertight act and are equally supported by other cast in the film. The twist in the second half and the climax screenplay needs a special mention.

Apart from few instances of Thanga Meengal, overall movie is racy. Though the script is not new-fangled and no famous casting in the film, only dialogues and taking has made them all, shored up by Yuvan Shankar Raja’s soothing orchestration, well supported camera and editing works helped in the upbeat of Thanga Meengal.

Final Verdict:

A well pictured fatherhood with not so unique script but best director’s cut.

User Comments


Aug 30, 2013 at 5:39 pm

Really a heart touching movie :)


Aug 30, 2013 at 12:08 am

Congrats and all the best to Thanga Meengal team, finally releasing today...


Aug 30, 2013 at 12:05 am

All the best yu rock guys wishing a block blaster


Aug 30, 2013 at 12:00 am

Touching drama on father-daughter relationship. well-made film


Aug 30, 2013 at 11:56 am

All the best to Thanga Meengal Movie team ... hope u rock

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