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Vijay chit chat with Suhasini about Kavalan

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suriya‘s Interview (coffee with Anu)


Sarabham Movie Review

Time:10:29 am Date: Aug 01, 2014

Film: Sarabham

Starring: Naveen Chandra,Salony Luthra,Aadukalam Naren

Director: Arun Mohan

Producer: C. V. Kumar

Banner: Thirukumaran Entertainment

Music: Britto Michael


Way2movies exclusively presents Sarabham Movie Review. Producer CV Kumar is introducing one more filmmaker to Kollywood with Sarabham, probably whole team including star cast and crew are new commers in the movie.


Sarabham is a mythical creature that is half bird and half Lion [A Lion with wings]. Similarly, our hero Vikram [Naveen Chandra] is an handsome intellectual architect with greed for money. Story starts when Vikram designs a theme park, but the tender is actually headed to Chandrashekar's [Naren] SS Constructions. To make his dream come true, Vikram explains his project to Naren, but ends up in rejection citing attitude problems. As predicted, frustrated Vikram plan to take revenge on Chandrasekhar and Shruthi [Salony Luthra] is his partner-in-crime. Rest forms the crux of Sarabham.


Naveen Chandra fits the bill. He does the role with befitting attitude and emotes well.

Salony Luthra had a perfect launch with Sarabham. Her act has aptly suited the character and she has to be appreciated for carrying most of the film on her shoulders. She grabs the attention with her variations and dialogues.

Aadukalam Naren has given his best and the rest of the cast have done their parts for the script.

Technical Analysis:

Being a first timer, Arun Mohan has to be appreciated for brilliant writing and for taking care of every simple situation. The director has provided as many reasons for all that happening with in the movie.

Britto Michael has come up with an engaging background score, without music some scenes would've been un-interesting, but there are some scenes where bgm overlooked dialogues. Songs played speedbreakers.

Art by Gopi Anand, Krishnan Vasanth's cinematography and Leo John Paul's editing works have taken Sarabham to next level.


After all, Arun Mohan perfect planning is clearly evident in Sarabham. The filmmaker has to be credited for making such an interesting movie in less than 30 days. This mystery film is entertaining all the way with right components and never fails to entertain. But confuses, if you are late to the show.

If you are a regular movie lover and look forward to romance and comedy portions in the movie. Avoid Sarabham

Final Verdict: A lively play that you may encounter around...

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