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Kadal Movie Review

Time:04:01 am Date: Feb 01, 2013

Film: Kadal

Starring: Gautham Karthik,Thulasi Nair,Arvind Swamy, Arjun,Lakshmi Manchu

Director: Mani Ratnam

Producer: Mani Ratnam

Banner: Madras Talkies

Music: AR.Rehman


Way2movies is back this Friday with Kadal Movie Review. Checkout Maniratnamís Kadal review here.


Sam Fernandez (Aravind Swamy) and Bergmans (Arjun) partake training sessions in a Christian Seminary for priesthood. However, with a difference in an argument, the two gets separated and choose different paths and years after, Sam tuning out to be a Church Father and Bergman ends up as criminal millionaire. Sam turns the guardian for the young orphan Thomas (Gautham Karthik) who goes head over heels for Beatrice (Thulasi Nair), daughter of Bergmans. The rest of the story forms the crux.


Gautham Karthik looks promising and he shows loads of energy with his convincing and impressive performance. He has danced well and his chemistry with Thulasi Nair was good. Despite his not so great characterization in the film, he makes us notice his performance with his efforts.

Thulasi Nair looked good but she has very little scope for performance. She is impressive and the song sequences featuring her have come out well.

Aravind Swamy and Arjun had good amount of roles in the movie and their performances are brilliant. The actors have done their roles with such ease. Thambi Ramiah is convincing, Lakshmi Manchu is brief.

Technical Analysis

Just like every Mani Ratnam film, Kadal is also technically sound film. Rajiv Menon's cinematography is absolutely stunning and as asset for the film. The beaches and the sea are brilliantly captured while the songs picturisation Elay Keechaan, Yaadike, Moongil Thottam is a great watch. AR Rahmanís musical scores are pleasing while the background score is impressive. Sreekar Prasad editing is crisp while art direction is good.


Being the ace director Mani Ratnamís film, Kadal is surrounded with huge expectations. Instead Kadal my not reach your hopes if you expect to watch the film on the range of Roja, Nayagan, Thalapathi, Bombay, Geethanjali et al. Kadal is all bout good vs bad and the central characters are essayed by Aravind Swamy and Arjun. In fact the two prominent stars got more screentime and importance than the debutant actors, where the love story is interwoven between these two prominent characters Sam and Bergman in the backdrop of sea.

The initial hour of the movie is excellent and the Thomas characterization as the innocent child was heart-wrenching, but as the story progresses Mani has shown the struggle between the good and bad. The story moves at a very slow pace and itís only in the second half the love story takes off. Aravind Swamy has tried to pull off the film in the first half but the characterization lacks the needed depth and it isnít convincing enough. While the narration holds your interest at times, the slow pace and the sloped screenplay frequently tests your patience.

Final Verdict

Technically Brilliant, but content wise an average fareÖ

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