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Dhanush,Vetrimaaran At Closeup Vijay Awards

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Kofee With Nadhiya

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Kofee With Sibiraj, Prasanna and Shakthi


Irumbu Kuthirai Movie Review

Time:01:00 am Date: Aug 29, 2014

Film: Irumbu Kuthirai

Starring: Atharvaa, Priya Anand, Raai Laxmi

Director: Yuvaraj Bose

Producer: Kalpathi Aghoram

Banner: AGS Entertainment

Music: GV Prakash Kumar


Irumbu Kuthirai Movie Review exclusively at Atharvaa Murali romanced Priya Anand in this Tamil actioner released on August 29, for 2014 Vinayaga Chathurthi.


Irumbu Kuthirai is the story of Pondicherry based youngster Prithvi [Atharvaa] a part-time pizza delivery boy. Like all other youngsters, Prithvi falls in love with Samyuktha [Priya Anand] and a romantic journey follows until he bought a new second-hand bike by force. Consecutively, Samyuktha get kidnapped by a bikers gang lead by Johnny Tri Nyugen. Why was Samyuktha kidnapped? How Prithvi unfolds the truth behind her abduct, forms the crux of Irumbu Kuthirai.


Atharvaa looks handsome and his dashing personality could have elevated more in the form of heroism in the movie. He has done his parts well as a trying to prove his mettle in life.

Priya Anand is eye-candy. Her chemistry with Atharvaa is good and nothing new. Priya Anand costumes need a special mention.

Devadarsshini is a perfect choice and delivered a lively performance as Atharvaa’s mother in Irumbu Kuthirai.

Jhonny Tri Nyugen was warmly welcomed by audiences. He was given utmost scope for performance and has apparently handled the lead villain role with ease.

Among others Jegan and Raai Lakshmi are candid as Atharvaa’s friends. Lakshmi’s non-sinking dubbing played a spoil sport.

Technical Analysis:

Yuvaraj Bose’s debut is not so remarkable. The director has to focus on the narration and screenplay. He has to be appreciated for bringing on board such talented stars who have perfectly suit the bill.

G.V.Prakash Kumar's background is appealing, especially in the biking sequences. All the songs appear like speed breakers testing audiences patience. Despite all odds, 'Penne Penne' and 'Ange Ippo Enne Seigiraai' make an impression.

Gurudev takes the credits for grandeur visuals of Irumbu Kuthirai. Cinematography is picturesque in the bike sequences, which were shot in foreign locales but forced to be believed as Pondy.

TS Suresh’s editing is okay, as the movie is locked to just 2 hrs 3 mins.


Yuvaraj takes the credits of introducing a film on bike racing in Tamil cinema for the first time. Thumps up for the Script, but the direction needed much more concentration. Irumbu Kuthirai has a humdrum screenplay with lethargic pace, otherwise of which could have made the film interesting.

First half of Irumbu Kuthirai has nothing to offer much rather than usual love story that falls flat. But the director has come up with interesting pre-interval block, followed by bike racing and action stunt in the second half that finally ends with a noteworthy climax.

Final Verdict: Dreary ride on a festering bike…

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