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Amara Kaaviyam Movie Review

Time:01:00 am Date: Sep 05, 2014

Film: Amara Kaaviyam

Starring: Sathya, Mia George

Director: Jeevan Shankar

Producer: Arya

Banner: The Show People

Music: Ghibran


Amara Kaaviyam Movie Review exclusively at . Actor Arya is introducing his brother Sathya with Amara Kaaviyam under his own banner. Here we go with quick Amara Kaaviyam Review.


Amara Kaaviyam is the story of two lovers at their pre-Internet age. Jeeva [Sathya] and Karthika [Mia George] are school-going youngsters. For the first time Jeeva collects all his strengths to talk to Karthika just to tell her that his friend is loving her. Finally it ends when Karthika expresses her feelings for Jeeva. Skip for a while and you find the lead pair at the primes of their teens. The pleasures and pains of the tamed love is all about the film.


Sathya has suited the role of Jeeva looks wise. He is stiff and has to get much better to make a career as an actor both in facial expressions and body language.

Mia George has given a laudable performance. The actress from Gods own country will be welcomed with open arms. Coming to Amara Kaaviyam she looks double the age of Sathya on-screen.

Ananth Nag, Thambi Ramaiah and other supporting actors have done their roles well.

Technical Analysis:

Jeeva Shankar has made a good mark with his directorial debut Naan, but proved he is an ace cinematographer to filmmaker with Amara Kaaviyam.

The film has beautiful and never seen before frames of Ooty, albeit a best narration is important for film's success. Art direction needs a special mention. The after 80's are awfully erected and well canned too.

M Ghibran have score mesmerizing songs, yet a better picturization could have made them look worthy. His background scores are flawless and riveting.


Amara Kaaviyam is totally an amateurish love story, which was reported to have been an amazing love story just by comparing to films like Kaadhal Kondein and 7G Raninbow Colony.

Jeeva Sankar has failed to report all the reasons behind the frames. In short, he showed us that Karthika expresses her feeling for Jeeva and not his friend, but fails to answer why. There are many such scenes in Amara Kaaviyam that are left unanswered.

Even then, Jeeva is hooked to his genre and story line from the first frame and never compromise for unnecessary comedy in the movie.

Final Verdict: A nonclassical Kaaviyam...

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