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Kamal Hassan And KS.Ravikumar Manmadhan Ambu Special

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Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi With Radhika Sarathkumar

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Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi With Karthi


Mayakkam Enna Music Review- Album of Six smart songs

Time:2:06 pm Date: Sep 21, 2011

Film: Mayakkam Enna

Starring: Dhanush, Richa, Sundar Ramu

Director: Selvaraghavan

Producer: Gemini Film Circuit

Banner: Aum Productions

Music: GV Prakash Kumar

The audio launch of Dhanush and Richa starrer Mayakkam Enna has took place at Radio Mirchi, Chennai yesterday in a simple manner. The lead cast Dhanush, Richa, Sundar Ramu, director Selvaraghavan, his wife Gitanjali and music director GV Prakash Kumar were present at the event. The audio launch was held on a low key affair without any fanfare.

The album is in the GV’s style and it carries six songs. There are six numbers in this album, each representing a kind of its own. Let's go for a musical ride and enjoy the music of Mayakkam Enna ………

Naan Sonnadhum Mazhaivandhucha-2.75/5

Singers: Naresh Iyer

Lyrics: Selvaraghavan

The album started with a unique number and this is definitely a new attempt by GV Prakash. Undoubtedly Naresh Iyer has given his best to the richest orchestration. Selvaraghavan has penned the lyrics with dictions very informal and easy to remember. G V Prakash has crafted a mix of melody and peppy effect to make the song highly repellent. The flashing jazz on the low notes adds melody to the track. Certainly a good start of the album.

Pirai Thedum-3/5

Singers: G.V.Prakash, Saindhavi

Lyrics: Dhanush

The second place in the album is occupied with an intense romance duet. During the first listen itself we can recollect GV’s earlier rendition Vizhiyile song from Deiva Thirumagal. The vocals of the real life couple Saindhavi and GV Prakash for this haunting melody is outstanding. Lyrics are an asset for the romantic number. Pirai Thedum is a nice and cool melody which will catch the attention of the melody lovers. A worthy listen and is sure to be aired more often!!!

Voda Voda Dhooram Korayala-2.75/5

Singers: Dhanush

Lyrics: Selvaraghavan, Dhanush

This song sounds like a situational song which would be enjoyed will the help of visuals. Dhanush has rendered his vocals for the lyrics penned by him and his brother Selvaraghavan.  The lyrics seem to be so naturalistic and will easily stick to our mind with one listen. In fact GV has focused more on instrumentation and this will fill the kuthu genre. Go for it!!!

Ennena Seidhom-2.75/5

Singers: Harish Raghavendra

Lyrics: Selvaraghavan

Selvaraghavan has given lively lyrics for this song. Harish Raghavendra voice has blend well with the music. GV’s orchestration is normal without any remarkable notes to appreciate. The song seems to be clearly inspired from Kaatrin Mozhi” of Mozhi and “PuthuMalar Thottu Sellum” of Poovellam UN Vaasam.   Mediocre Track!!!

Kadhal En Kadhal-2.75/5

Singers: Dhanush & Selvaraghavan

Lyrics: Dhanush

Just with a single listen you will be analyzing that the song is sung by a boy who fails in love and his friends consoling him. Both the brothers turn out to be pals in sharing their feeling. The song might have been picturised on Dhanush and Sundar Ramu. The song will surely attract youth groups and you can expect some big celebration in theatres.

Mayakkam Enna Theme Music

No doubt G.V. Prakash is always the best in delivering signature music for his films. The theme song starts slowly with a mild touch followed by some electrifying performance on instrumentals. We have to wait for the film and where did Selva employed this tune. It might be either for the title note or for the intermittent scenes.

Final Verdict:

Though this is not the best album for a Selvaraghavan film, Mayakkam Enna is an album worth every penny it costs. Top notch music quality, straight-thinking lyrics, Genre variety, pleasing on first-listen are the positive signs of the album.