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Interview with Ilaiyaraaja by MGsreekumar


Mankatha Music Review- Heavenly music by Yuvan!!!

Time:5:45 pm Date: Aug 10, 2011

Film: Mankatha

Starring: Ajith,Trisha,Arjun and others

Director: Venkat Prabhu

Producer: Dayanidhi Alagiri

Banner: Cloud Nine Movies

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Everything that he does is in style; that's Thala Ajith for you! The actor's much awaited 50th film Mankatha is already creating a lot of buzz in the industry. The wait for the audio has come to an end today as the audio CDs have arrived in stores with some additional special features like some Yuvan Shankar Raja hits and a poster signed by Ajith Kumar himself. The songs are surely going to create waves on all the FM channels as the album consists of peppy and racy songs along with cool melody songs.

Hip Hip Hooray!!! Come on Thala fans. Here’s the music review of the 2011’s best album….

Vilaiyaadu Mankatha-3/5

Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Ranjith, Sucharitha, Anita, Premgi Amaren

Lyrics: Gangai Amaran, Sucharitha (Hindi), Yuvan Shankar Raja (English)

The single track Vilayadu Mankatha involves the combination of voices and various instruments needs a great amount of creativity and innovation. But Yuvan as done for his earlier renditions has craft this song with much simplicity and persuasion. Yuvan renders his voice on need and it is quite appropriate when Sucharitha adds her voice. The first few lines of the lyrics are going to set fire as they create new explosion among usual listeners and especially Thala fans. Yuvan has used rap effects which made the song stay on the lines of western beat but still we can find some local touch. Premji Amaran, Ranjith, Sucharitha, Anitha, and Yuvan have done a miraculous job. This song will definitely be on the repeat mode for some time! Great job by the singers……..

Nee Naan-3/5

Singers:  SP Charan, Bhavatharani

Lyrics: Niranjan Bharathi

During the first listen itself we can feel the impact of Ilayaraja.  This soothing melodious track is sung by SP Charan and Bhavatharani and their combination is heard for the first time. Nee Naan will surely grab the interest of universal music lovers as it gives a pleasant feel while listening. Incisively, Bhavatharani has taken scrutinizing efforts in shifting the pitches. Coming to the musical aspect it is so calm with guitars and strings ruling a lot. The song is the pick of the album in the melody genre!

Vaada Bin Laada-2.75/5

Singers: Krish, Suchitra

Lyrics: Vaali

One can guess that it is a sexy number, of the album which is sung by Krish and Suchitra. It sounds like a remix of late 80s item number. The best part of the song is that the singers have tried changing their paradigms. One can’t believe whether it is Krish rendering the song and one more highlight is Suchitra’s husky and sizzling vocal. This song might have been canned on the betting ground, where a sexy lady tries to seduce the hero who tries to bet as the lyrics clearly lead us to this situation.

Yuvan has taken rhythmic pattern for the first and the second verses while he used techno beats as the backdrop. This song may impress the music lovers mostly after watching the visuals. Dont Skip......

Machi Open the Bottle-3/5

Singers: Haricharan, Mano, Naveen, Premji, Tippu

Lyrics: Vaali

This song doesn’t need any introduction as it is going to be a great treat for the mass audiences. It is going to create ripples of sensation in the theatres and it will surely turn the screens as dancing floors. The song opens like a typical mass kuthu number mixed with a folk genre and half way the song gets a different feel. This track in most parts reminds us the songs of Saroja Saamaan Nikalo (Chennai 600028). Special Attraction of the song is Thala will be shaking his legs in an unexpected manner. Yuvan’s instrumentation has changed the pace of the song. Pick of the album…….


Singers: Madhushree, Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics: Vaali

Here comes the second melodious song in the album and it will surely be the most melodious duet of this year. It is just like a slow poison that will get itself instilled into the senses of listeners as they keep on hearing it. Yuvan’s musical composition is so beautiful and it gives the right feel of a romantic song. The lyrics by Vaali are the biggest assets and female fans will hangover to this song. This might be picturised on Trisha who sings for Ajith, Good or Bad – A girl doesn’t care anything about her man with whom she is in love with. Go for it......

Balle Lakka-2.75/5

Singers: Karthik, Vijay Yesudas, Anusha Dhayanidhi

Lyrics: Gangai Amaran

This is neither slow paced or fast one but stays some where in between. Karthik and Vijay Yesudas have done their best while Anusha Dhayanidhi has made her singing debut with this track. Gangai Amaran lyrics are interesting but when compared to other tracks this one takes a second place. Enjoyable track choice left to you…….

Vilayadu Mankatha (Extended Dance Mix)-3/5

Singers: Anitha, Premgi Amaren, Ranjith, Suchitra, Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics: Gangai Amaran, Sucharitha (Hindi), Yuvan Shankar Raja (English)

For those who got upset that the track of Vilayaadu Mankatha was with slow-paced tempo, here comes the fast paced jazzy remix of the title track. The techno beats will send the listeners to high spirits and it is surely going to ring higher in discotheques for all seasons. One can stop their legs without shaking. Give a try you cant stop pressing the rewind button…….

Mankatha Theme Music – Instrumental-2.75/5

When it comes to Theme music Yuvan always gives best. This is outstanding signature theme music and it’s clear that Yuvan should have spent more time on bringing it in the best way possible. It gives the feel of Desi James Bond version while Yuvan has made sure that Thala will be outlined with his overwhelming magic charm. Give a listen and it becomes the most favourite ringtones in state.

Final Verdict:

Overall, Mankatha is a strangely interesting mixed bag from Yuvan. All the songs are impressive and are not having the typical 'Yuvan' touch (except a song) and the songs sound appetizingly different.Yuvan has succeeded and if one element that needs appreciation, then it should be the ideal balancing of sounds and the technicians who worked for the background needs to be applauded. We all know that the Yuvan and Venkat Prabhu have never failed in giving best music and this time too they have succeeded.  The heartbeat picks up at all times as the songs may go well with the youngsters and matured music lovers. Yuvan does have it in him to give us many more ‘wah wah’ numbers. Don’t forget to grab your copy of CD.

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