Views:223 | on Dec 21, 2013
10 southern films that wowed audience in 2013

Out of the 400-odd films released in four southern languages - Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, the following films may not have earned a robust box-office number bu...

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Small stars made it big in 2013

Kollywood has 150+ releases so far in this year and 2013 has turned out to be felicitous to many Tamil actors and actresses. While some have seen their first blockbuster ...

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Innovative marketing took center stage in Tamil cinema

From unveiling a film's audio at bus-stops to touring in promotional auto-rickshaws, Tamil filmmakers took to experimenting in and innovating marketing techniques to flau...

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Comedies reaped gold for Tamil cinema

Tamil film industry had nearly 200 releases this year, producing the maximum number of hit comedies. In this vast scape, comedy proved to be economically successful at th...